Best NFL Betting Odds

NFL betting odds are the lines, spreads and totals that bookmakers establish for NFL games to compare with bets made by gamblers. Odds are determined by oddsmakers using a number of factors related to a particular team or match up in order to estimate the probability of an event occurring. Many different types of wagers can be placed on an NFL game including straight wagers, parlays and teasers. 

Football betting is one of the most popular forms of sports wagering available today. Football season lasts from August through February (depending on how long playoffs go) since there are no other major professional sports leagues that compete directly with it. This makes football betting more popular due to its longer playing season and peak action during playoff and Super Bowl.

Betting Odds on the NFL

Welcome to the best online resource for NFL betting odds and markets. You can use this page to compare the NFL lines offered by all the leading sportsbook, including a line history tool that lets you gauge how popular each team is among bettors. To arm yourself with a wealth of useful information before placing a wager, check out our NFL Picks section. Below you will find details about the best NFL sportsbook and then an explanation of the most common football betting options at your disposal.

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